Hi! I am pleased to announce my new website for “Mark D. Nanos,” with special attention to the “Paul within Judaism” perspective, is now live. The original website design this is replacing was from 2003, so it was time to update for a number of reasons. There are still a few details to complete, and I hope to finish these very soon. In the meantime, you will find information on my published essays and books and reviews I have written on the works of other scholars, plus professional society and invited university as well as public lectures, lists of reviews of my books, a few videos, and a contact heading under which you can click to send me an email.

Some links are provided in the various categories, and some pdfs are still available to my published essays, reviews, and papers or lectures. Several that were on the old site are no longer available now that I have three of four volumes of collected essays published under the headings, for example, Reading Paul within Judaism: The Collected Essays of Mark D. Nanos, Vol. 1 (Cascade, 2017). Vol. 2 is on Romans, and Vol. 4 on Corinthians and Philippians; Vol. 3 on Galatians is forthcoming The various essays in the Published Essays list are linked to the internal Book page. The ones that will be included in vol. 3 on Galatians are in the editing process, and others that have never been available will also be included in that volume, as well as several new, ongoing research projects. In other cases, the essays need to be brought up to my current viewpoints and terminology, so I have discontinued the pdf links for the time being. I am hopeful several of these will see the light of (publication) day in the future.

I welcome your feedback; see the Contact heading for the link to click to send me an email. 

For a typesetter from the 70’s and early 80’s, and an advertising graphic artist before the desktop computer age, this has been quite a learning process. Interesting how much of HTML code is familiar from old typesetting code; but of course not entirely familiar, and lots of new, not so intuitive stuff too. Needed a lot of help from my son, Kyle, to whom I am grateful. Nearing completion of the initial phase is quite a relief, and a pleasure to have available in a much simpler and updated design, and one that works with smart phones and tablets (very different from 2003!), or is supposed to do so anyway.




  1. Dr. Nanos:
    Thank you again for your presentation today at All Saints. The Italian Museum of History is in Ferrara. It addresses the experience of diaspora Jews in Italy for the first 1000 years and then the Shoah. Paul May have had parallel experiences.

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