Interview with Mark D. Nanos about Reading Paul within Judaism: The Collected Essays of Mark D. Nanos, Vol. 1 (Cascade, 2017)

Mark Nanos on new book, Reading Paul within Judaism (interviewed by Kurt Willems, The Paul Podcast), March 23, 2018

“Paul’s Relationship to Jews and Judaism in First-Century Context: Revisiting the Translation of Romans 11, at Westmont College, March 24, 2014

Skype interview with David Burnett on October 12, 2012, for a class at Criswell College reading 

“A Jewish View,”  in Four Views of the Apostle Paul, Zondervan

“Paul and the Jewish Tradition: The Ideology of the Shema” 

Lecture at Villanova University, Oct. 23, 2008, Jubilee Year of the Apostle St. Paul seminar series

“How Could Paul—THE Convert to Christianity, St. Paul—Represent Judaism? 

The Challenge to Read the Apostle’s Outreach to the Nations in First-Cent. Roman, Greek, and Jewish Contexts” 

Lecture 1 of 3 at Hillsdale College, November 7, 2018

Was Paul Promoting Judaism in the Letters of the New Testament?  

The Challenge to Read the Apostle’s Arguments in Their First-Cent. Inter-ethnic Contexts” 

Lecture 2 of 3 at Hillsdale College , November 8, 2018

“Did Paul Argue that the ‘Church’ Replaced (or Became) ‘Israel’?

The Challenge to Read Romans 11 (The Olive Tree Allegory) in Its First-cent. Context, And For Our Times” 

Lecture 3 of 3 at Hillsdale College , November 8, 2018