Galatians Debate

The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues in Rhetorical and Historical Interpretation

Hendrickson, 2002 (Now with Baker Academic)
Reviewer Comments: “Significant for understanding the current state of scholarship. . . . A useful glossary and a fifty-page bibliography help to enhance the value of this volume. . . . Any reader who wants to become familiar with the current debate within the rhetorical features of the letter, the significance of Galatians 1 and 2, and the problems involved in identifying the situation Paul was addressing, could hardly do better than to study the essays included here. The editor is to be congratulated for his careful work.”          

Moises SilvaWestminster Theological Journal


“By force of editorial can-do, Nanos has here constructed a coherent, though by no means consensual, debate that was likely known hitherto only in part and surely only to the most assiduously attentive specialists. Add to the collection Nanos’ incisive introduction, a glossary of technical rhetorical terms, a massive bibliography, a set of thoughtful indexes, and the promise that the volume would help facilitate familiarity with the contemporary issues central to the interpretation of Galatians–indeed, issues central to the study of the Pauline letters generally–is superbly fulfilled, both intellectually and pedagogically.”

Willi BraunCatholic Biblical Quarterly


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