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Did Paul Declare “All Israel Will Be Saved” or “Will be Safed”?

How Making Better Sense of Paul’s Historical Argument Can Advance Better Christian-Jewish Relations Today I am delighted to announce that my paper for a conference in Bratislava, Slovakia in September of 2019, which was entitled, “‘All Israel Will Be Saved‘ or ‘Kept Safe‘? (Rom 11:26): Israel’s Conversion or Irrevocable Calling to Gospel the Nations?,” is now available in the conference volume entitled, “Israel and Nations: Paul’s Gospel in the Context

We Need a New Translation of Romans 11 to Achieve the Goodwill Aims of Post-Shoah Christian-Jewish Relations Re-Reasoning

The English version of my conference paper, entitled in English, New Fruit from a Familiar Olive Tree? Problems and Prospects for Post-Shoah Appeals to New Insights from Romans 11, is now available as a pdf herein, by permission of the publisher, under essays in journals and books (or click HERE). This essay is being translated into German by Carla Weitensteiner and Hermut Löhr, with the title, “Neue Früchte von einem

Paul – Why Bother? A Jewish Perspective

   “Paul – Why Bother?: A Jewish Perspective,” has been published by Svensk Teologisk Kvartalskrift (STK), also know as Scandinavian Theological Quarterly 95, no. 4 (2019): 271–87. This is an essay version of my Honorary Doctorate lecture at Lund University in May, 2019. The online version in the journal is available HERE. They permit distribution of the pfd, which you can download HERE. I would value your comments here or by email through

Welcome to my new Mark D. Nanos website!

Hi! I am pleased to announce my new website for “Mark D. Nanos,” with special attention to the “Paul within Judaism” perspective, is now live. The original website design this is replacing was from 2003, so it was time to update for a number of reasons. There are still a few details to complete, and I hope to finish these very soon. In the meantime, you will find information on